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My Story

I didn't know when I decorated my daughter's 6th birthday cake in 2012 that it would become my "thing."  I just wanted to create something special and unique for her to enjoy. Even though it was challenging (and sometimes frustrating), I really enjoyed it and began thinking about turning my passion into a business.  With encouragement from my BFF, a cake decorator, I started taking classes to fine-tune my skills and expand my knowledge of baking and decorating.  Before I knew it, friends were asking me to make special cakes for their little ones.  Business grew quickly as my confections were shared with families every week!

Five years later, I have created hundreds of cakes in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  Birthdays, weddings, holidays, and even some "just because."  Please take a look at my Gallery to see some of my work, and be sure to like me on Facebook and follow me on Instagram!

Thanks for taking some time to visit my site! 

-Jen Krekeler